my whirlwind….

This took mybreath away… head is still swimming, and i’ve completely tumbled head over heels, and falling more for this man every minute……. This is the email from my inbox this morning. 





My world has been ROCKED!

Ive been gone a bit. So much going on, not even sure where to begin.

He was right in front of me though. My Energizer Bunny 🙂 and DAMN. I have never ever felt so beautiful, desired, sexy, appreciated and loved. I found my ONE. I have no doubt of that.

I’ve known im just over two years. We would talk, share stories, and pain. Vent. Family stuff. And we had some similiar non vanilla interests. From time to time we would talk of meeting for coffee, but never did. Then one day i nagged him into wings at Hooters of all places. Had a nice time. Headed back to our cars to each depart in different directions, and he just lightly touched me.


That was it for us both. Hes just fucking amazing. AMAZING!!

Soi’ll post more later. 🙂