Demons & Promises

If i keep promises newly made, will the demons of promises never kept, haunt me? Even if they arent my own promises? Am i really supposed to wait until those long ago made promises, come true?


Does moving on mean those demons will forever haunt me? Or the person that ive made new promises to? 


And if i chose a more vanilla existance, what will happen to the rest of me that i force into its own submission?


Biting off more than i can chew

Things are going well. Looking up for a change. Sun is shining on me. Im wearing a big smile.

Driving down the road of life all is good. I take a bite of a B’fast sandwich, dang thats good. A small bump in the road…….
Not a big deal right?
Uhhhh well, that B’fast sandwich lodges in the back of my throat beginning to choke me. Obstructing my airway. Im choking on it.

Such is my life. I bit off more than i can clearly chew. And i dont see anyone around to do the heimlich maneuver.
Maybe i will get lucky and i will choke to death on it.

Just once i thought maybe…….maybe things will be good this time.

Silly me.