Early celebrating

My birthday is tomorrow. Today’s celebrating began at 3 pm EST promptly. Ive got a nice buzz going.

Lets hope i have a happy birthday for a refreshing change 🙂


Time for an update

Ive been MIA for a bit. Lots o drama, BS, and such. But in there somewhere M and i found each other.
B is still around, and thankfully with the help of M, i’ve been able to stop allowing B to take up my time and attention and focus on other things ( like M for instance)

I have also resigned my position at work. I loved my job, or what it was supposed to be. However my boss, a micro manager from hell has made it fucking intolerable. Ive been suffering from incapacating migraines, and he’s been a major contributor to those.
I’m very much looking forward to the frquency of my migraines diminishing.

And yet that means i’ll. be looking for a new job. Sooooooo if any of you readers have any employment tips for the IT / network operations field please ping me 🙂

M and i are taking the D/s thing slow. Not rushing, just enjoying one another, and while i can be quite the brat, i’ve been making sure that im not trying to take control from him. We are still new together and there’s plenty of time ahead !

While i’m not sure that we will ever go the cucking route, im hopeful that one day we will reach the point that he’s able to cuck me, and my being secure enough to actually enjoy it.

I think that catches us up. So i’ll be around reading some blogs i follow trying to get caught up with everyone else.

Last but certainly not least…..
Thank you to all those that have served our country, on this Vetrans Day!

“You’re MINE”

I waited a long time to hear those words spoken to me by someone that felt the emotion behind them.
I look in his eyes and i can honestly say i see inside him. I see how he feels towards me, and while im looking at him i can see nothing but him. Its as if there is only the two if us alone on earth. I can feel his gaze back upon me, and feel him peering further inside me each time.
Yeah, its scary. Im afraid he will see something that will make him turn away from me. But i have told him everything. And still im afraid.
What if i forgot something? What if…… What if…..

I refuse to dwell on it. I cant. He is such an amazing beautiful person, and while i dont understand why, he loves me. And im so thankful that he does.

I know ive got issues, and im scared that i will drag him down…… But for now i’m basking in his love, and giving him all of me.
I cant even put into words how this man makes me feel. I can only hope i make him feel the same love that he is giving me.

Saturday is my birthday…… But i got everything i wanted …..
I love you M.