Summer weather

i really do prefer warm weather, although I dislike being hot and sweaty. The sun, a warm breeze, the dark of the night comes later and later…… Pool weather. Suntan. Festivals. Concerts. 

Yes. , I’m a summer girl! So glad it’s finally here!


Are all untruths the same?

a question i have pondered before. And one i find myself asking again. Unfortunately, when one is asking this type of thing it’s not usually for a happy reason. As is the case with me. 

Many times i guess im just asking myself, and dont really expect any readers, if i even have any left, to respond. But this time, i would really appreciate hearing other opinions. Even if they arent the same as mine. 

A lie. A statement that is not true. Not based on fact or completely fabricated. 

Some lies are told because you dont want to hurt someones feelings ” no honey, that dress doesnt make your ass look big”

Some are told to minimize things “i was only 20 minutes late to work today” (even if it was 35 minutes)

Some are told to hide embarassing facts. Perhaps saying you never went out with, or had sex with a specific individual, because with your beer googles off…..well you would NEVER go near them. 

Some are told for selfish reasons. Hiding affairs for instance. Or hiding money. 

So, lets say for a moment you are in a serious relationship with someone. You have had your heart broken (as most of us have) before, and find it difficult to trust others. But after a while, you determine that this person is trustworthy, and you deepen your commitment to them and your relationship. 

You are eventually told of things by an ex of thiers. You ask your partner if any of this is true. They reassure you its not. The ex is mistaken. 

The topic comes up a few times over a few months time, each time youre reassured that its not true. 

Then one day, you happen upon email communications, all dated years ago, before you even knew your partner…..and it shows that what the ex was saying is 100% true and accurate. And now you learn your partner has outright lied to you. 

Based upon your individual history, you have had a relationship that started similarly. Your former partner lied about small stuff. But blatent lies all the same. Unfortunately, that behavior continued with them, and was a major reason that relationship ended. But…..and here’s my issue….i’m terrified that giving my current partner a pass on this stuff is like ignoring the past. And you know what they say, ignoring the past means you’ll repeat it in the future. 

Yes, all this stuff was a long time ago, however my questions on if it were true or not are recent. And i was outright lied to. Am i supposed to consider its his past, and a sore subject and go forward? Or should i be seeing red flags all over the place, and maybe we should take a step (or quite a few steps) backwards?

Im really struggling with this. My inclination is to pack my shit and run for the hills, far away. So i cant be hurt again.  

But i honestly need some input. Please help.